Canada: Winning ticket for $26.6M Lotto Max jackpot sold

Winning ticket was sold

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5 simple rules on how to win the jackpot

  1. Choose the maximum jackpot

When we talk about the progressive jackpot, there is a simple truth that is not difficult to understand: the higher the prize amount, the easier it is to get it. The large accumulated amount indicates that no one has won the main prize for a long time, therefore, the chances of winning increase with each bet.

  1. Classic is preferable

When reading articles on the Internet about how to win the jackpot in a game on slots, one can often find the opinion that it is easier to get it on classic 3-reel machines. It is difficult to verify such information, but such firm beliefs of players from scratch are not born. We advise you to listen to this advice and play classic slot machines.

  1. Calculate the loss

Before you think about how to get the jackpot, you need to decide how much you can lose in pursuit of it. Arranging a race for a win, having at the disposal of funds for a couple of bets is a silly idea. It is important to carefully calculate the period of the game, for which there will be enough funds in case of total bad luck. To guess initially how much will make a profit is to deceive oneself.

  1. The main thing is not to squander the winnings

Having hit the treasured jackpot, you should not immediately rush in pursuit of the next. It would be reasonable to postpone a substantial part of the money received. History knows a huge number of cases when a lucky winner who hit a big jackpot left a casino penniless. After such a successful event, it would be nice to leave the game for a while.


We examined some practical advice that can be given to jackpot hunters, but the main thing was left in the end. It reads as follows: do not focus on maximum gain! The jackpot is an extremely random matter with a rather low probability of a loss. You can’t seriously count on it. Play for fun and fortune will reward you!

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