How to win poker: 10 winks for a beginner

Surely everything written below is well known to you. Nevertheless, we consider it necessary to recall the basic rules. The implementation of which will contribute to a positive game of poker.

How to win poker: 10 winks for a beginner

We highlighted 10 basic tips
  1. Play less hands
    There are 169 different starting hands in Texas Hold’em (if you do not take into account the suit).
    Of all these possible hands, only five belong to the highest category.

4.A-K (suited)
Regardless of your position at the table, you should always play these hands if you have not been raised. If you are faced with a raise, especially if someone else called or reraised, it can sometimes be a mistake to play something other than aces and kings.

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15 best starting hands in hold’em:

  1. A-A
  2. .K-K
  3. Q-Q
  4. A-K (suited)
  5. J-J
  6. A-Q (suited)
  7. A-J (suited)
  8. A-K (off-suit)
  9. K-Q (suited)
  10. A-10 (suited)
  11. K-J (suited)
  12. A-Q (off-suit)
  13. J-Q (suited).


Than stronger your starting hands. Than fewer complex decisions you will encounter. The hands that you play and the ways you do this.Will vary depending on a thousand different circumstances. By and large, there are very few hands that are considered suitable for entering the draw.

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