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The best deal could be but the biggest one only profetionals know how it is going on

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untill you try you will never know

An element of luck is undoubtedly present both here and there, but in a LONG GAME (lasting more than one evening) a well-playing poker player (bridger) will get a better result than someone who plays worse (if one is not an outstanding “non-peer”, and another outstanding “peer “- such cases are understandable, but they are single).

Nothing can be predicted until to do a bet

Ask gamblers, ask them and you will see how is deep a rubbit hole

Could win be yours?

  • to do a bet
  • to see and listen
  • to do a bet
  • try another one
  • to do a bet
  • get the profit

A lot of gamblers never know how to play and only feel it but you cannot be a hunter if you do not start hunting.


To be a gambler you need to be a player means as soon you start will be better for the result in the nearest future. The only game lets you see how is a deep rabbit hole. Better try it for your self.

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