Let’s watch Steve win more than $100,000 at the World Series Of Poker

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How to win at the casino?

  • Strategies and Tactics
  • Getting a positive mathematical expectation of winning
  • Testing slots in demo mode
  • Apply both strategies
  • Online slots profitability
  • Blackjack and roulette

Blackjack – Let’s start with the blackjack gamble. It is included in the list of games in which you can get the maximum advantage over the casino. If you use the basic strategy, as well as card counting in live games, it is easy to get a positive mathematical expectation. After all, cards are not mixed before each deal. Customers are allowed to open the table and simply watch the game without bets. This way you can learn how to scorecards. You can learn more about how to win blackjack from the article series posted on our website. By the way, the basic strategy is based on mathematical calculations. Thanks to her, you can maximize your advantages and even win at the casino. A variety of strategies are presented on the Internet, but all of them are either too complex or just fiction.

And now about roulette. Strategy to win at roulette – does not exist. Forget about miscalculations or any other methods. All of them do not work. Today, many players use the Martingale or Whitaker systems to win roulette wins. These schemes are based on lowering and raising bets at certain points in the game. From the point of view of the effect on dispersion, this scheme will act and increase it. But changing the mathematical expectation will fail for sure. When using these strategies, you will find 100% loss.


This should not mean that blindly follows the written instructions found on the Internet. We recommend testing various systems in demo mode. To win maximum skills and avoid losing. Never forgot about it. You can shift the expectation to your advantage. Take a breathe after the win and waiting when the gambling establishment returns the given.

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