Lotto winner spends $42,000 on new teeth that took nine hours to perfect

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“Now I’ve made sure that newcomers are lucky!”

It was unexpected!

The winner carefully selected the numbers on the ticket, analyzed the previous runs. I was sure that the balls numbered 7, 36 and 20 would definitely fall out. He noted these numbers and chose three more at random. As a result, he guessed all six and became a winner.
The winner until recently worked as a civil servant. The man planned to take a mortgage, but the lottery ticket changed his plans.
“The best part is that I will stop living in a communal apartment and become the owner of my own three-room apartment,” says the owner of the super prize.
Serge intends in the near future to improve housing conditions. He plans to spend more time with his son. The boy is engaged in sports acrobatics at the school of the Olympic reserve.

How to become a winner?

Every victory story is unique. But they all started the same way: from buying a lottery ticket. In general, you know what to do.

Have you already won?


Before that, they had never played a lottery in their life

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