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The goal of LotoZabava is to increase the professionalism of gambling enthusiasts.

There are three types of games:

American Roulette (Double zero roulette). 38 numbers: 0, 00, from 1 to 36 inclusive.
European roulette (Single zero roulette). 37 numbers: 0, from 1 to 36 inclusive.
French Roulette (Single zero roulette). He is the ancestress of the European, has the same wheel, but a different playing field.
Russian roulette. This site is not considered, as the authors consider it more preferable to take risks with money rather than with your own head.

Games differ:
The distribution of numbers on the wheel.
Game field.
Possible rates.
Some special rules (“En Prison”, “La Partage” and “Surrender”).
The rules of conduct at the table, procedures, chips and so on.

Roulette table behavior

European Casinos a more elegant atmosphere requiring a more strict style of clothing. In addition many casinos are private clubs. Open only for members – especially for English Gaming houses.

The States they prefer a more democratic style of dress and behavior. Tipping is welcome in some English casinos are not approved. In France – tips are often required!

Special rules in Casino

En Prison Rule
Playing Roulette at European casinos a special rule may apply that applies to bets on “equal chances” (RED / BLACK, EVEN / ODD, BIG / SMALL). Zero falls – bet does not burn , remains in place
” hold on”. Next rotation returns zero. Bet is lost if outcome is favorable bet in its original size. Returned to a player. Winner in is not paid.

Gaming tables, where this rule is applied, have the lowest casino advantage (expectation) on bets on “equal chances” – only 1.35%!

La Partage Rule
This rule is similar to the rule “En Prison” with a loss of zero the player loses half of his bet on “equal chances”. The rule applies in French roulette.

Surrender Rule
Same as La Partage. It is used in some casinos in the USA. Reduces the casino advantage from 5.26% to 2.63% for bets on equal chances.

Oral bets (Announces or Call bets)
The way the numbers are distributed on European (French) roulette enables players to make oral bets.

Casino advantage
The casino advantage in playing European roulette is 2.7% in the American casino – 5.26% for all bets, except for a five-digit bet (0-00-1-2-3) this advantage is much higher – 7.9%.

Any of the rules “En Prison” and “La Partage” or “Surrender” reduce the advantage of the casino with equal chance bets to 1.35% in the European and 2.63% in the American version of the game.


The rules of gambling should not be neglected. This is fraught with large expenses in the casino. Do not let help beat you.
Always read the rules. Be interested of the advice of professionals. Read special publications of master of the strategies developed by mathematicians.
In other word, always increase your level.

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